DIETITIAN - Claudine Watermeyer

A healthy diet is key!

It is important for all patients with Diabetes to understand the large role nutrition plays in the management of their Diabetes as well as delaying the onset of diabetes-related complications.Dietitians are well equipped to do this and patients should see them at diagnosis and thereafter to ensure they are confident and well informed about the management of their diet.

A healthy diet is a vital aspect of your diabetes care.Food can help you manage your diabetes or cause it to be very out of control.Dietitians can assist you in following the appropriate diet, avoiding pitfalls of poor nutrition and also assist you in losing weight to better manage your diabetes.Dietitians can assist you in managing your diet specific to the type of diabetes you have, either type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes.



Dietitians will help you:

  • Create an individualised meal plan or a plan your whole family can follow with you

  • Lose weight

  • Track your blood sugar

  • Count your carbohydrates and educate you on what carbohydrates are if you are taking insulin

  • Read food labels

  • Clear up food-related myths you hear from Google and friends

  • Teach you tricks to make certain foods even more healthier